Turks 6/13/2000

Editor MNH, 6/13/00:

During the period of Islamic expansion the Turks in 1683 besieged Vienna (Austria). Their ultimate goal was to take Rome and stable their horses in St. Peter's nave. The rescuer of  Vienna was the Polish king, Sobieski who was given the High Command over the Christian forces  and who in a surprise attack routed the Turks. Dead on the battlefield lay 10,000 Moslems and 3000 Christians.  Now to a leap in time. After the Austrian election in February 2000 in order to form  a government  the center-right People's Party  had to accept as a coalition partner the Austrian Freedom Party whose chairman was Joerg Haider.  The election was  legal and conducted in a democratic way, but nevertheless there were screams of outrage and sanctions were imposed by the EU on little Austria. What are the "crimes" Joerg Haider has committed.  Haider has said that Adolf Hitler had a praiseworthy employment policy. But Hitler DID have a praiseworthy employment policy. Haider called the soldiers of the SS honorable men. The SS comprised units from most European countries. These men joined voluntarily not in order to fight for Germany but against Communism which they considered just as grave a danger for Christian Europe as Islam was for Sobieski. And what is the "evil" Haider's Freedom Party stands for? Haider's Freedom Party wants to curtail immigration. It does not seem to matter that Austria  already has a 10% foreign population, to a large extent from Turkey and therefore Moslem. The most hypocritical stance against Austria is taken by Israel. Israel wants to remain a Jewish State and therefore does not even allow the dispossessed Palestinians to return.  If Austria would bow to the demands of the promoters of multi culturalism and open its  gates this time not to Moslem warriors, but to people resulting from an excess birthrate in Moslem countries the end result would be the same and the battle of 1683 would have been fought for naught.