Rabbi 6/03/2006

Editor MNH:

Rabbi D. hears what has not been said and reads what has not been written. On 11/10/1988 I attended a remembrance service of the Crystal night at the Wesley United Methodist Church. In the issue of  9/13/1996 of the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle this was written about me: “Rabbi E. D. D. …participated in that service. As he descended from the pulpit, she (C. M.) grilled him on Israeli policies regarding the Palestinians. ‘It was this ferocious, ferocious questioning, ‘he recalled, ‘and the clear implication was, ‘Here you are memorializing the people who died in the Holocaust, but there’s this horrible event happening where Jews are in control, and how dare you!” 

The service took place in the front of the church. The pulpit was not used  and I have never talked to Rabbi D.. But I did send a letter (11/24/l988) to Reverend M., and copies to some of the participants whose names I found in the program.  Since I did not have Rabbi D.’s address he did not get a copy. But  somebody must have sent him my letter from which he concocted a personal encounter under the pulpit. And yes in this letter I castigated  the remembrance service as pharisaical orgy of  self righteousness.  

In my letter to the MNH (4/29/2006) “Kosher proceeds benefits Israel” I did not write nor did I imply anything about an evil cabal, or illicitly gained government support.

The Jews are a minority. Of this minority only a minority  keeps a kosher kitchen  I would like the Rabbi to explain  how the general public benefits from the kosher certificate which caters to a minority of a minority. The Rabbi however implied anti Semitism on my part. If what I have written is anti Semitic, then you just have to mark me down as an anti Semite.