Cropwalk, 10/10/2003

Editor: MNH, 10-10-03

The caption of the article  “Catholic opposition aside, CROP walk draws record crowd” which appeared in the MNH (9/22/2003)  is misleading. The diocese did not oppose the crop walk, but only advised its Catholic members not to participate.. Moneys brought in by the crop walk goes in part to fund contraception  which the church opposes. The preaching of the church has always been:  control your instincts, but do not separate the instincts from their purpose which is to create and maintain life. Artificial birth control cuts the two asunder. If  sex has no purpose except to satisfy the sexual itch then any sex is as good as another,  masturbation, homosexuality,  bestiality etc. Our “fun” society  views the Catholic church as a spoil sport and does not like being faced with ideals rarely achieved, but always to strive for. “ Wer immer strebend  sich bemueht, den koennen wir erloesen. – Whoever strives with all his power, we are allowed to save.    (Goethe, Faust II).”  Our “fun” society does not want to strive anymore.

My second issue is the murder of Geoghan while in the custody of the law. Geoghan, former priest and pedophile was a groper. Groping of all pedophilic acts is the most  innocuous one. The sentence, eight  years imprisonment, did not fit the crime. Priests seem to have become the new “Nazis.” The sentences are outrageous, the  statue of limitation is  ignored,  “survivors” no matter how ridiculous their accusations are given credence, and the pay outs which amount to the plundering of the dioceses are tremendous. The Catholic hierarchy, just like the German government has become too cowed, or is too cowardly to object. In school I learned about the suffering church, the fighting church and the triumphant church. Let me add a new adjective, the wimpy church!