Ernst Zundel 9/04/2004

Editor MNH:  9/4/04

When a government, a religion or a powerful group can no longer convince the public of its good intentions it starts to coerce. When the discrepancy between what it preached and what it lived became too great to be accepted by its flock the hierarchy of Roman Christianity created the Inquisition. Individuals are no longer tied to the stakes (the burning is done wholesale ), but the coercion to accept a politically correct belief is with us. It should be possible to question the veracity of homicidal gas chambers without being called an anti-Semite, a racist, or evil. In M. however I can still say: "Sticks and stones will break my bones. .." This is not the case for Ernst Zundel. Zundel married to an American citizen, a legal immigrant, complying with all the requirements (health check, immunization) was arrested 2/5/2003 and imprisoned in the Blount County Jail, Tennessee. He was denied Habeas Corpus. The spurious excuse of his arrest was that he had not appeared to an immigration hearing. On 2/17/2003 he was deported to Canada where he is still held in solitary confinement as a security risk under the  equivalent of the Canadian "Patriot Act." He has never threatened the security of anybody whereas his security has been threatened repeatedly (pipe bomb, arson attack). His real "crime" was the commissioning of the Leuchter report, a forensic examination of the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Ernst Zundel will likely be deported to Germany where thousands have been fined and or imprisoned for "defamation of the dead (only Jewish dead count)" a circumlocution for Holocaust "denial." French historians made the following pronouncement: "It is not necessary to ask how technically such mass murder was possible. It was technically possible, seeing that it took place." If you accept that, you will accept anything.