Shylock 10/26/2005

To Editor MNH:  10/26/05

“The quality of mercy is not strain’d, 
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven …”

With these words Portia tries to persuade Shylock to forgo the bond which gives him the right to cut a pound of flesh from Antonio’s body. When Shakespeare wrote the “Merchant of Venice” he did not give Shylock a good press. The mentality has changed! Simon Wiesenthal, a modern Shylock, and the Office of Special Investigation (OSI)  are acclaimed by the media. Wiesenthal’s curriculum vitae is not to be scrutinized. He had several. The atheists mock the miracles in the bible, but accept the millions of miracles which were supposed to have happened to let millions of Jews survive “extermination” camps. Wiesenthal alone claimed  five  for he is supposed to have survived five death camps.  LIFE  magazine (6/11/1945) published a picture of  three Nazi agents who were tied to stakes and  executed by a US firing squad. Wiesenthal used this picture in his book “Konzentrationslager Mauthausen (l946)”, striped the clothing to make it look like concentration camp uniforms and presented the men as murder victims of the Germans.  The OSI, funded with millions of  tax dollars by our congress   to continue their work to hunt down the last senile Nazi,  is equally reprehensible. The OSI  persecuted an  innocent man, Frank Walus, who had falsely been accused of having shot  Jews in Poland. Walus, a youngster at that time, had been contracted to work in Germany as an agricultural laborer. These “slave” laborers were enrolled in the German National Health Insurance system. Judge Hoffman dismissed this documentation as Nazi and therefore without merit. Walus died a bitter man. Since Wiesenthal and the OSI  did not and do not believe in Christian mercy they should at least remember “Mine is the vengeance, says the Lord.”