Peace 3/05/2005

Editor MNH:  3/5/05

Here is my reaction to the trialogue  at the University of Wisconsin-Marshfield Center (2/17/2005). On the stage sat the representatives of  Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and the moderator. Each man gave a  synopsis of his religion. Dr. Raza, Moslem, said: Islam is about peace; Rabbi Danson: Judaism is about peace too; Rev.  Hedding: Christianity is also about peace; Mr. Hunt, Buddhist: Buddhism is very much about peace. After this introduction the moderator, Mr. Tom Berger asked questions to be answered by the Moslem, the Jew, the Christian and the Buddhist. I do not remember the questions and the specifics of the answers. But I remember that the sentiments expressed were pretty and that the word “peace” was said about 500 times. 

As the trialogue crept along I had the eerie feeling that  these five men on the stage were in a  cocoon. For them there are no wars going on. They can’t hear the shrieks of the tortured, or the moans of  the dying. They can’t see the wasted humans in the VA hospitals. They can’t smell the sickening sweet smell of the decaying corpses at Fallujah. But one day reality will tear  open that cocoon and expose them to the harsh facts of these wars.

Peace is not made by lipping “peace” five hundred times. Peace and tolerance are not promoted by planting little white flags within  peaceful communities.  Peace is an end product. There is no peace without justice, and no justice without  truth. Lafollette said this about WWI: “We have been lied into the war, we have been lied to throughout the war, and we are still lied to after war.” Nothing has changed.

PS. I wanted to give a talk under the sponsorship of the Continuing Education Program “Truth for Germany.” I was turned down.