Foreigndocs 6/07/2003

Editor MNH:  (6/7/03)

Something doesn’t make sense. I am referring to the editorial  in the M. News-Herald (3/11/03) “We’re debtor nation for foreign docs.”  Let me quote: “It is good for U.S. clinics, hospitals and patients that we are able to attract doctors from other nations, but not good for the countries where the doctors were born and educated.” My comment!  If  the attraction  for  the good life  which makes the foreign born doctors seek out this nation is  not good for  their respective country of  birth then it is also not good for our children. I personally know of three students who applied to the Wisconsin medical schools and were not accepted. These students  were not slouches, but bright and highly motivated. For every three of our students who apply to the Wisconsin medical schools only one is accepted (this ratio was higher and will go up again). To apply to medical school is a hassle. No student will even bother to apply  if  he feels he doesn’t  have a change. There is a required  pre-med curriculum. In order to get a good grade in biology, chemistry, math, physics and genetics, the student not only has to be bright,  but also  disciplined. You can’t fake it in the sciences.  Our medical schools, by not increasing  their enrollment  in order to satisfy the demand of this nation for doctors are short- changing our students. There is not only one loser,  namely the countries poor by American standards which nevertheless are able to train competent doctors for export,  but  two,  the other loser is our children.