Family Farms Better for Sharing Wealth

Editor, MNH: (9/25/01): I want to take issue with a number of statements I found in the article, A.,C. strive to welcome, help Mexicans" (NH, Aug. 23).

According to the controller of A. Foods: "...the company relies on the Mexican workers to make the company profitable." My feeling is that Mexican workers have nothing above and beyond the native Wisconsin workers. What makes the company profitable is that the Mexicans are willing to accept lower wages.

I quote the manager for B.F.: All 10 of his employees are Mexican ...Seventy-five percent of the workers are illegal, ...but the farm is trying to legalize all workers." My comment: We, the people of central Wisconsin, are not paragons of law abiding citizens. There is plenty of law breaking in and outside of Marshfield. But up to now; one thing I have never come across, namely; that one of us would brazenly admit that he broke the law, and then tries to work the political circuits to legalize an illegal action. I am afraid we common folks wouldn't get away with it.

I quote again: " (The Mexicans) come to work and they respect the man who writes the check." My comment: I always thought money given for work rendered is a tit for tat. Respect is owed to everybody, but why should special respect be given to the man who pays for what he owes. I quote Branstiter:

"(The Mexican parents) don't want their kids to do what they are doing." In that the Mexican parents are no different from other parents. We all want the best for our children. But my question is who in the coming years is then going to milk the cows?

Needless to say; Mexican immigrants who work in agriculture work mostly for agri-businesses of which I have nothing good to say. A society in which many have something is a stable society. A few having a lot predisposes to instability.

In 1919 when Germany was impoverished by one of the harshest treaties in history, Lenin must have thought that Germany was ripe for the picking. He supported his Jewish, Communist agents in Germany who established a number of Soviet Republics with which to annex Germany to the Soviet empire. These Republics were quickly overthrown because they were not supported by the many who had a little. Germany was a nation of many small family farms (only East Prussia had large estates). It was unfortunate for Spain that there a few had a lot. When Stalin tried to take over Spain with the help of the Communist party; the Spaniards had to suffer a bloody civil war (1936- 1939) before the threat of a Communist takeover was eliminated. Let us support our family farms.