Forgive 11/27/2009

To Editor: MNH


In the spring of 1945 when the American Army rolled into Mering they torched its archive. Mering’s history was redocumented by following the paper trail, using letters, news paper clippings  found in private hands and  documents referring to Mering  in neighboring communities. There is an extensive German paper trail documenting the disenfranchisement,  deportation and internment of the Jews,  like the paper trail documenting the disenfranchisement, deportation and internment of the Germans during W.W.I and W.W.II. by the victors.  But there is no documentation,  no paper trail referring  to a planned genocide of the Jews  in homicidal gas chambers, or by other means. The same holds true for the lurid experiments Mengele is supposed to have performed. There is nothing sinister about the requests for lab work found in Ms. Mozes’  book: “Echos From Auschwitz.”  The signature on these requests is hard to make out,  but one letter is a definite German u. It is therefore not Mengele’s signature. 

The whole “holocaust” has been put together by eyewitnesses. Let me recount a story from the Old Testament, the story of Susanna. Susanna was about to take a bath in the garden.. She was seen and lusted after by two elders. When Susanna resisted their advances they took their revenge by accusing Susanna of having committed adultery with a young man. She was led out to be stoned when Daniel took up her case. He separated the two elders and asked the first: “Under which tree did you see Susanna sin.” His answer: “Under a mastic tree.” In the testimony of the second elder, it became an oak . And so Susanna was proven innocent, freed,  and the elders stoned. For the Germans there is no Daniel who points out the contradiction in the absurd and lurid eyewitness reports. That’s why the Germans were hanged, and the foresworn eyewitnesses  rewarded and honored.

 Ms. Mozes  peddling atrocity propaganda under the pretext of teaching about forgiveness, is not very original. Mark Anthony pretended  he just wanted to bury Caesar and incited a mob.