Education equals business. 03/3/2006

Editor MNH:  (3/3/06)

Education equals business

I have heard it said: The business of America is business; in other words, the business of America is: the making of money. I can accept this honest, but not uplifting motto for a nation,  but I  object to it when it serves as inspiration for our M. public school administrators. They  have morphed  from educators to business men. Functioning as business men  they placed a billboard on Highway 97 targeting  travelers from S. to visit All advertisement dissembles. Buy this pill and you will feel better;  buy this pop and everything will go better; choose M. and you will do better. Only the benefits to the buyer are touted when in reality the heavy outlay for advertisement by the companies is to increase their profit.

Notice, the web site does not advertise its special education  program. It wants to raid only the good students of the S. High School. Like all advertisement it is not placed for the sake of altruism,  but for the sake of money, state money.

The system which lets the state collect taxes, moneys which then  are doled out to the different districts, was conceived as a silk purse, meant to equalize the funding for our schools. The M. school administrators  turned  it into a sow’s ear. In Germany the villages rally around  their  churches. But since we have so many denominations  it is the schools  which are the cohesive glue of our communities. This advertisement appeals to the selfishness of the individual,  who is encouraged to treat  his community only as a sleeping place and no longer as  his home which he has to nurture and support with his  work, money, and loyalty.  Cohesive communities have very little crime and are  pleasant places to live. Don’t try to destroy them!