Immigrants 4/04/2005

Editor MNH:  4/4/05

Let’s compare! Ernst Zundel, married to an American citizen, immigrated to the US legally in 2000. He had a health check, was immunized and finger printed as required  by INS rules. He was given a social security number, a work permit, and  had a Tennessee driver’s license. On 2/5/2003  two police officers and three INS agents came to his door, handcuffed him and took him to Blount County jail. The excuse? He had missed an immigration hearing for permanent residence status. He had not! On 2/19/2003 he was deported to Canada his previous home. In Kafka’s nightmare story, The Trial,  Josef K. can never find out  what the accusations are which have been brought against him. For two years Zundel was held in solitary confinement for being a security threat for Canada. His two lawyers could not mount a defense since they were never told the specifics of how Zundel was supposed to have threatened Canada’s security. On 3/1/2005  Zundel was deported  to occupied Germany where a five year mandatory prison sentence awaits him for Holocaust “denial.” 

According to the Marshfield News Herald  (3/15/05) we have in this country about 4.5 million  illegal immigrants who are here without any health checks. Is it surprising that  TB is making a victorious  come back? When we travel by plane we are practically strip searched while at the same time our Southern border is wide open.

Zundel has a powerful enemy, the holocaust lobby, which used the law  to deprive him of his liberty and to deny him in his retirement years the pursuit of happiness. 

The illegal immigrants  on the other hand have mighty protectors,  namely the employers who in brazen disregard of the law hire them. Illegal immigrants are cheap. The law has become arbitrary which is worse than no law.