Justice 12/06/2003

Editor MNH: 12/6/03

MF has a new association “The MF Social Justice Group (MSJG).” In February this group plans to have a multi-cultural happening with ethnic food, ethnic dances, etc. These international fairs are fun. But what do they have to do with justice?  The quest for justice should be a heavy obligation born by everyone. Rachel Corrie felt that obligation and acted on it. She stood in front of a  bulldozer with bullhorn in hand trying to persuade the  Israeli driver not to demolish the Palestinian home. The Israeli  knocked her down, drove over her and blade still down backed up  burying her under the rubble. She paid with her life for justice.  The commitment to justice of the MSJG is feeding  bellies and putting on ethnic dances. Of all the injustices I have to witness, none of them seeming to be of concern to the MSJG,  I only can list  the case of Ernst Zundel. Ernst Zundel, a German immigrant to Canada, and a pacifist, was accused by  a Jewess of spreading false news. The “false” news was that he came to the aid of a much maligned German minority. He lost two trials, but won the last one. The False News Law was declared unconstitutional by the Ontario Supreme Court. He was sent a pipe bomb, his house was arsoned. After having been acquitted by the courts he was hauled in front of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal which pronounced  that truth is not a defense.   In 2000 he married an American  citizen and moved as a legal immigrant to Tennessee. His arrest on  2/5/2003 and subsequent deportation to Canada did  not have a shred of legality. He is still being held in solitary confinement at  the Toronto Detention Center. Justice?  Does the MSJG  know its meaning?