Collective Fate, 12/6/2004

To Community News:  12/5/04

There is no collective guilt;

But there is a collective fate!

The University of Wisconsin/Marshfield Campus sponsors a continuing education program.  The first lecture in the Fall series 2004 under the heading Personal Enrichment  was titled  Surviving The Holocaust.  This is what it said about the lecturer, Henry Golde: “Concentration camp survivor and author Henry Golde has inspired audiences for 25 years with  his message of promoting peace-making that is built upon a foundation of love and hope. Learn how he transformed his life experience into promoting social justice through the  work of Appleton, Wisconsin’s Toward Community, a group dedicated to unity in diversity.”

I did not want to go to the lecture, but I went, because I felt a moral must. To give you a feeling of what the lecture was all about,  let me quote one incident which Golde claimed to have witnessed at Buchenwald,  namely the execution of  a man  by  a pack of  dogs. “We had been standing outside for about half an hour when the barracks  door opened and two SS men dragged out a man and threw him on the ground in front of us. The man looked half-dead already. Another SS man unleashed the dogs. Growling and barking, they tore him apart. When they were through, there was nothing left but a pile of bloody bones. The SS men appeared to be enjoying the spectacle. (Ragdolls  by Henry Golde, page 231)”

I do not believe that Mr. Golde was in Buchenwald at all. He claims to have been deported from Poland/East to Buchenwald/West and then to Theresienstadt/East again. The transports at the end of the war only went from East to West.

Mr. Golde ended his  talk with following words: “I was put into concentration camps and meant to be killed  just because  I was a Jew.”

Golde’s closing sentence brings me back to the heading of this article: Collective guilt – collective fate. Every war be it against a tribe, nation, religion or race is a war against a collective.  The individual, innocent or guilty, caught up in the conflict is made to suffer. The Jews however as usual, argue with polemics using two tracks, one track for the Germans and one track for the Jews. The German track goes like this: You Germans are a collective with a collective guilt, passed on from generation to generation  therefore you have to pay  reparations ad infinitum. The Jewish track goes: We Jews are all individuals, judge us according to individual innocence or guilt.

It is amazing how one little word can slant the meaning of a sentence. The little word Golde used was “just”,  implying that he was a Jewish individual, completely innocent. But let me use the track that the Jews use for the Germans. You Jews are a collective, the most cohesive and destructive collective I know of. However as a German I will not go so far as to burden you with a collective guilt never to be expunged. But as a collective, you were made to suffer a collective fate. Why?  Adolf Hitler came to power on  January 30,  l933. In March 24, l933 these were the headlines of  the Daily Express (London): JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY – JEWS OF ALL THE WORLD UNITE IN ACTION. Sorry, Mr. Golde, you were and are part of  Judea.

But let me go farther back in history. Communism is a Jewish ideology  which the Jews imposed on the Russians, a deeply religious people with a love of land who would never of their own free will, have abandoned their religion and  inflicted on themselves  a forced collectivization. The same fate Russia had to endure was meant  for Germany after the end of W.W.I. It was again Jews who fomented bloody, communist  uprising throughout Germany. The  bloodiest happened  in Bavaria which resulted in the Raete Republic of Bavaria  (Raete = Soviet). It was  Adolf Hitler coming to power which  eliminated  the threat of  Communism.

And how about  W.W.I? Britain and France were about to lose the war. Only the entry of the US would turn the tide. Let me quote from The Nazi Holocaust  by Ronnie S. Landau: “There was in certain sections of the Foreign Office (British) an overriding .. conviction that the Jews of the world were powerful and influential and that a declaration (the Balfour declaration) which favored them could harness this power to the British military cause.” Since the Jews dominated the US media it was easy to crank out the atrocity  propaganda which made the American public welcome Wilson’s war declaration against Germany.  This war to end all wars  stands at the beginning  of  the demise of the West. The Third Reich of Adolf Hitler which I was fortunate to experience as a child, was a happy interlude which for a short time countered the Jewish forces of destruction. Where are we going now?  My son said this: “We are going to hell in a handbasket.”