Shock 4/08/2003

MNH: 4/8/03

Seeing “shock and awe” on TV maybe made your heart swell with patriotic pride. Mine constricted in  despair. I have too many memories and too many images imprinted which I can’t erase. While watching the “fireworks” (so named by a high school student) an image of the past superimposed itself on the screen. About five years ago I took our dog,  Jaeger, on my daily walk through our woods. Jaeger, as always ran with his nose to the ground. I saw him stop and scoop something up. I immobilized the dog between my legs and  forced his jaws open. In his mouth was a mouse, unharmed  with  three babies clinging to her for safety and protection.  I shook the dog’s muzzle, the mouse with her babies  fell out and disappeared among the debris of the forest floor. I  leashed the dog  and only released  him after I  was  sure that Jaeger had forgotten  about the  mouse nest  back there. I do not  like mice. They girdle my newly planted white oak seedlings, chew up the Styrofoam insulation in my chicken coop and just are a nuisance all around. But when I saved the mouse and her babies I did not let varmints go,  but  a mother and her little ones. Bush and  his war supporters do not  see  children clinging in terror of death to their mothers who just like the mouse are unable to protect and save them. This  American administration only sees oil and the Israeli government only sees  extended  territory.

Why does my heart constrict in despair?  It is not only  because I as a  child  like the Iraqi  children desperately wanted  the noise of the explosions to stop;  It is  Orwell’s “l984” applied to Iraq:  plundering  is aiding,  occupation is freedom,  death  is liberation.