Demjanjuk, 01/7/2006

Editor: MNH  1/7/06

   I am not very much. But I seem to be the only one who is willing to protest John Demjanjuk’s ordered deportation to the Ukraine. Where are the others, the important people, the organizations with clout,. the tolerance preachers, the churches who preach love and  forgiveness, but don’t say peep when an 85 year old man is yanked from his family to die alone in another country. Let me refresh your memory. John Demjanjuk was accused of being Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka. He was extradited to Israel where he stood trial. During the court proceedings I remember especially one witness who brought his face close to Demjanjuk’s pronouncing: “I see it in his eyes, he is Ivan the Terrible.”  The witness perjured himself, for he could see no such thing.  Demjanjuk never was at Treblinka. An aside. Ground search at Treblinka has established that Treblinka could have been nothing more than a minor transit camp.

   Demjanjuk was a frightened old man. The only thing the witness could possibly see in  Demjanjuk’s eyes was the fear of the hangman’s noose dangling before him during the course of the trial. The Israeli court tried its best to convict and hang him. A Jerome Brentar was instrumental in digging up evidence which even the Israeli court could not ignore. The present deportation order rests on the accusation that Demjanjuk was a concentration camp guard. WW II is properly named. It was a world wide war. All the combatants had their concentration camps. There must have been hundreds of camps and thousands of guards. The Red Cross had free access to the German concentration camps. It found nothing amiss. The camps however became death traps during the course of Germany’s pulverization. Demjanjuk had nothing to do with that.