Hatecrimes 2 - 2/04/2006

Editor MNH:  2/4/06

What is right is not always legal, and what is legal is not always right. The law which  triples the penalty if the motive for the crime is hate for a specific group is not right since it no longer correlates the penalty to the severity of the crime but to motive. Only God sees the innermost of our heart where we hide our true feelings. This law gives to the judges all knowing  god like status. Beware of godlike judges!

The headline of the MNH  (1/11/06) reads “Teens face hate-crime charges”. I do not believe, notice, I did not say “know” that these teenager were motivated by hate.  Any other convenient target would have satisfied their relief from boredom by what they called “having fun.” Instead of tripling the penalties for these youth why don’t we look at our culture makers, especially the movies and TV. It is they who shout into the forest: pornography, violence, destruction, nihilism. What the teens did is an echo, it is wilding, coming to rural Wisconsin. 

This law pushed by the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center which mandates a tripling of penalty  for hate-crime is only the opening salvo to the real aim of these Jewish organizations. They want to outlaw “hate.”  Hate crime laws are in effect in Germany, Austria , France etc. with crippling effect on the freedom of speech and historical research. Here I still can write this letter without fear of punishment. But how much longer? Last year when I ran for School Board some members of the Social Justice Group wondered if should I win, the result could  be negated by charging me with hate crime. This threat should  be an eye-opener. Namely that hate crime laws have nothing to do with hate, but politics.