D-Day, 07/6/2004

Editor MNH:  7/6/04

D-Day has been celebrated with the proper enthusiasm befitting the overture to a glorious and profitable victory over Germany. But was the victory glorious and where are the profits now? One date which is never mentioned answers this question. On November 12-13,  l940 Molotov, Stalin’s foreign secretary, visited  Berlin. The reason? Greed!  Stalin wanted  much more than Adolf Hitler had conceded in the Molotov/Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pact  (August l939) . Hitler said “NO” to the new demands, namely Communist hegemony over all of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. What  Hitler denied Stalin, Roosevelt promised and some more with  the border going straight through Germany. At Yalta (February l945) Stalin simply got it in writing. Hitler invading the Soviet Union  beat Stalin to the draw by a few weeks. When U.S. Capitalism (Roosevelt had many Jewish advisers) made common cause with Judeo-Communism, Germany was done for and a Christian country  was holocausted. Poland for whose integrity England and France had declared war on Germany was sacrificed  and incorporated into the Soviet Empire. England did not fare well either. Its empire is gone, and Blair, its Prime Minister,  nothing more than Bush’s poodle. And how about the U.S?  The Soviet Empire, valuable ally in the destruction of Germany almost overnight was turned into the “evil empire.” In the typical fashion of the Indian giver the U.S. wanted back what Roosevelt had conceded resulting in the Cold war  interspersed with a number of hot wars, scarifying lives and squandering resources, especially oil.  Reagan was supposed to have brought down the evil empire. But does anybody look at the cost?  The  oil is gone, and our national debt stands at seven trillion and is rising. John Charmley wrote a book “Churchill, The End of Glory.” (l992). He could write a sequel exchanging names, Bush for Churchill.