Guns 7/14/2000

7/14/00 Editor, N.H.:

The mothers’ rally for strict. gun control in Washington, D.C, and the subsequent shoe exhibit on the sidewalk leading to the Wildwood Park pavillion were touchy-feely events. Thought was not involved. But without thinking we are like reeds in the wind easily manipulated to act against our own self interest.

We are supposed to willingly disarm ourselves while the criminals will never surrender one pistol. Among the shoes collected were also shoes of people who killed themselves with a gun. But if a gun were not available, the black despair which drives people to suicide would easily let them find other means of escape. I can kill myself with a rope, but I can't defend myself with a rope. The pistol is a great equalizer which even gives a petite women a chance against an intruder.

In Switzerland every able-bodied man has to have a gun in the house. There is no gun violence as we have here. The slogan of the NRA is: "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." That is a shortcut for saying: The mind controls the trigger finger which discharges the gun which kills. If a gun is not available, bare hands can commit violence as the women found out who were abused in the Central Park of New York during the Puerto Rico Pride Day.

I want everybody who is for gun control not to look at the end of the chain - the gun - but at the beginning of the chain - the mind. Alan Dershowitz, Jewish society lawyer, in his book "The Vanishing American Jew," has this to say:

"Today this (Jewish) influence is even more apparent, as individual Jews dominate television, film, book publishing, newspaper, magazine advertising, public relations and other opinion-shaping businesses."

It is these public opinion-shaping businesses, our culture makers which make a tremendous profit of sex and violence.

The profits of the gunmakers pale in comparison. It is these public opinion-shaping businesses which relentlessly pour sex and violence into our minds and sex and violence will come out. I dare .the Mothers for Gun Control to take on the real culprits. Mothers, fight the wind at the source, we are already reaping the whirlwind.