Gay Marriage 1/08/2005

Editor MNH:  1/8/05
No, Rev. M-W , it is not the fear of the other which makes us, the heterosexual majority oppose legalizing same sex unions. Sex between a same gender couple is like the couple sitting in a car which has no connection between the motor and the wheels. We neither fear nor hate this couple, but think it  silly  to give them a driver’s license when their car  just sits in the driveway, going nowhere and pulling nothing.  And why should we dole out gasoline to such a couple? Just that the two can have fun revving up the engine?. The purpose of marriage is children. Husband, wife and children make a family, the mainstay and future of  society. That is why in the past society  has given legal protection and benefits to the family. Sure, two lesbians can resort to artificial insemination. But that is still an anomaly. Should it ever become the norm we will  have arrived  at Huxley’s Brave New World.
   These men of the cloth, sheep’s clothing, who promote gay unions,  subscribe to the Judeo/communistic agenda of “free” love, a euphemism for free sex,  the sexual instinct freed from its purpose.  Under Communism  in the former Soviet Union and  the Spanish (Soviet) Republic any sex was as good as the other. For the unwanted consequence of  “free” heterosexual “love” the remedy was abortion on demand. The men had the freedom and the women had the abortion. The Communist  promotion of  free “love” acted as a tremendous lure for the homosexual/bisexual British  educated elite who betrayed England by spying for the Soviet Union. To have their homosexuality/bisexuality accepted meant more to these men than their country. What is meant by decadence? It is the unshackling of  the instinct from its purpose. The ancient ruins of Rome send their greetings.