Other Letters

ACLU of Wisconsin
                                                                             February 15, 2003
Dear Mr. A:
I am commenting on the information which I  found in the MNH “Recent  deportation focus of documentary (February 13, 2003).”
Here are my thoughts on racial profiling. On one hand racial profiling is unlawful, on the other hand it is demanded. This is schizophrenic....

Reverend Bishop  Jerome E. Listecki
3710 East Ave. S.
La Crosse, WI 54601
November 13, 2009
Dear Bishop Listecki::
On November 9,  I attended the Candlelight  Memorial - an ecumenical memorial for peace, remembrance  and forgiveness at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, and the subsequent talk at Columbus High School: “Surviving Auschwitz and the Life Lessons I have learned; Ethics in Medicine...

January 3, 2007 Dear Reverend Bishop Listeki:
Since you are the publisher of  The Catholic Times I address this letter to you.
Reading the article Holocaust survivor shares her story in Wausau (The Catholic Times: 8/10/2006) the case of  the impostor, Binjamin Wilkormiski  came to my mind. In 1996 a book appeared, authored by Binjamin Wilkomirski, entitled  Fragments: Memories of a Childhood l939...

September 25, 1999
Dear Mr. B.
This letter is in reply to your communication of September 10, 1999. I hope it fulfills the requirement of a brief.
The right to free speech is not an absolute. Anybody shouting fire in a crowded theater when there is none, can not use as his defense that he exercised his right to free speech, but will be convicted of manslaughter if a panic ensues resulting in...

October 28. 2006
Dear Mr. D. :
Mr. D., you have won! My last letter to the M. News Herald, “Elie Wiesel at Viterbo” meant for August publication was not accepted. For this I do not blame the editor, Mr. B., I blame you and your travelers in spirit, Starkman, Greenburg, DeLyser etc. I can live with the abuse. Over the years I have developed a thick skin. My...

March 24, 2002
Dear Sister MaryAnn:
Before Christmas when I picked up the books about  Mother Gerhardinger  I had a friendly talk with one of your teachers, Ms. H. We talked about children’s books. She lent me one which she had in her classroom “Numbering The Stars.” If this book were in the Public School libraries I would try to have it removed. The book is anti-German atrocity propaganda and...