Bishop Listecki, November 13, 2009

Reverend Bishop  Jerome E. Listecki

3710 East Ave. S.

La Crosse, WI 54601

November 13, 2009

Dear Bishop Listecki::

On November 9,  I attended the Candlelight  Memorial - an ecumenical memorial for peace, remembrance  and forgiveness at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, and the subsequent talk at Columbus High School: “Surviving Auschwitz and the Life Lessons I have learned; Ethics in Medicine and Research: Lessons from Mengele’s Lab.”

The decision to invite “Holocaust survivor” Eva Mozes Kor by the Parish of Lady of Peace and the Administration of  Columbus High School was not made in the spirit of Jesus (Look into your own eye),  but could only have been  inspired by the Pharisee whom Jesus condemned. (Dear God, thank you that you made me a good American and not one of these evil Germans.”

To my background. I was born in l935 in Germany, raised a Catholic, and educated in a Catholic convent school. In 1956 I immigrated to the US, married and had three children. My husband demurred, but at the end consented to send our children to Columbus. I taught German  there  from 1974 to l984. Since Columbus always had money problems I willingly agreed to be a 2/5 teacher in spite of  the fact that I taught more than half time. Columbus therefore did not have to put money into a retirement fund, or pay benefits.

I would not do that anymore! The beloved church of my childhood has become offensive to me. In Germany where one can officially  leave the church and thereby avoid paying the church tax, the Catholics are leaving the church in droves. I would be one of them.

After the talk of Ms. Mozes  people could ask questions. My questions were to the audience. “Where were you when the American government water boarded under the supervision of American medical personnel? Where were you when Israel dropped phosphor bombs on Gaza? Why was there no candle lit for the children, victims of American and English phosphor bombs, the children of Pforzheim, Swinemuende Wuerzburg, Kassel, Dresden, Tokyo  etc. etc.etc. The audience, to say the least, was not forgiving!

Pforzheim was incinerated February 23, 1945. The number of dead  was over 20 000, of which at least 2/3 were children. Since you do not seem to care about the agonizing dying of these German children, maybe you care more about the destroyed churches. I enclose a picture.  An aside. Under the Nazis about 400 new churches were built, subsequently bombed by the Allies.

Parents  of  Columbus High School students told me that not so subtle pressure was put on their children  to attend the church service and the talk.

I quote from  Eva Mozes Kor’s book: “Echoes From Auschwitz: “…I am sure that the Germans did sit back and laugh at the Jews washing themselves with soap made from bodies of their own parents and relatives and friends (p.99).” This lie is not original with Ms. Mozes Kor, but  a reworking of  the lie promoted during W.W.I  that the Germans had corpse factories. This and other lies resulted in an anti German hysteria which burned books, destroyed careers and at times was even deadly.

In the audience were teachers, doctors, administrators, and members of the clergy, an elite. My question. Has this elite been so dumbed down, that  they could not recognize a smug woman who peddled hate under the pretext of teaching about forgiveness?

If  that is our elite now,  may God help America!

The dam of the Holocaust/gas chamber lie is springing many leaks. There are not enough fingers in all of Marshfield  to plug  the holes and not all of your candlelight memorials will prevent the holocaust/gas chamber lie from falling. Truth will prevail.

                                              Sincerely yours,


Copies to:

Promoters and participants of  “Surviving Auschwitz.”

Church publications

An aside. Under the Nazis about 400 new churches were built, subsequently bombed by the Allies.