Bishop Listeki, St. Anne

January 3, 2007
Dear Reverend Bishop Listeki:

Since you are the publisher of  The Catholic Times I address this letter to you.

Reading the article Holocaust survivor shares her story in Wausau (The Catholic Times: 8/10/2006) the case of  the impostor, Binjamin Wilkormiski  came to my mind. In 1996 a book appeared, authored by Binjamin Wilkomirski, entitled  Fragments: Memories of a Childhood l939-1948.  In this book the author relates that he was a born a Jew in Latvia,  was separated from his parents at age three, was sent first to Majdanek and then to Auschwitz where he endured living hell.

There was no Jew Binjamin Wilkomiski. But there was a Swiss gentile,  Bruno Doessekker  born to an unwed mother, Yvonne Berthe Grosjean, and later adopted by the Doessekker family. His childhood was spent in Switzerland. Bruno Doessekker/Binjamin Wilkormiski’s tale of Auschwitz woe was corroborated by another impostor,  Laurel Rose Willson/Laura Grabowski likewise a gentile pretending to be a Jew and having been at Auschwitz from where she “remembered” Binjamin Wilkomirski: “He’s my Binji, that is all I know.”   

I wish I had the time and the resources to examine the life of Sophie Ray  (written up in your publication) and separate the truth from the fiction. That there is more fiction than truth is obvious to me in spite the fact she is very clever. She does not give hard facts. For example she does not mention the name of the concentration camp in which she was supposed to have been held. It is fiction that the Nazis came for her because she was Polish and Catholic. I speculate that she was another volunteer like Frank Walus who was hired by the Nazis to work in Germany, where work was plentiful and the money and the labor conditions were good. Out of this she concocted an atrocity story  which you are willing to believe. The parish of St. Anne by inviting her, and your editor, Dan Rossini, penning her atrocity tale have taken Christ out of Christianity  and have  become disciples of the  Pharisees: “Dear God I thank you that I am not one of these evil Germans!” 

As an aside. Frank Walus,  who spent his youth  and war years as one of these volunteer Polish laborers  at Gross Koetz,  which is close by Muensterhausen where I was born, was accused by Jews of having murdered Jews in Poland. During the time in question he was not there, but in Germany documented by the German health insurance archive.  Walus was ruined financially and his subsequent life became hell. He died an embittered man .

Viterbo invited  Elie Wiesel  to speak at the Catholic college on September 27, 2006. Elie Wiesel has parlayed  atrocity propaganda  into personal fame and fortune. His book Night is like a grotesque Monte Python skit,  with one difference; it is not funny. He appeals to hatred: “Every Jew, somewhere in his being should set apart a zone of hate -  healthy virile hate – for what the German personifies and what persists in the German.” (Legends of our Times; pp. 177-8) 

I was born in l935 and raised a Catholic in Nazi Germany. During this period the Catholic and the Protestant churches were thriving. Now they are moribund; and I see why. I myself nurtured and educated in a Catholic convent school  want nothing to do anymore with a church  which  takes as reality the reflection  of  the funhouse mirror which the Jewish media has put in front of the Nazi period.

All my life I have fought atrocity propaganda. I know how deadly it is. It gives every psychopath and low life an excuse to exact “revenge.” I enclose a page from George Patton’s book War as I knew it.  Approximately 500 German soldiers had to die on account of atrocity propaganda.
Sincerely yours, 
Christine B. Miller
606 Cypress Ave
Marshfield, WI 54449
Copies to:
Viterbo college