Judea 4/03/2002

MNH: 4/3/02

In front of me is the article “American Jews wrestle with old question: Reconcile with Germany (MNH, February 9, 2002)?”  I have the same question, except that the parties are reversed  “Germans wrestle with old question: Reconcile with Judea?” Jewish author, Alan Dershowitz, writes “ ..individual Jews dominate television, film, book publishing, newspapers, magazine advertising, public relations and other opinion-shaping businesses (The Vanishing American Jew, p. 51).” This means we have to see the present and the past through Jewish eyes. These eyes see themselves, the Jews, forever as the aggrieved, never as the transgressors. But I know differently. Let me pick as a starting date l917. In l917 the English government signed the Balfour declaration. This  promotion of a  Jewish homeland in Palestine was to enlist the help of American Jews to bring the United  States into the war (WWI) against Germany. The United States decided the outcome of  the war which ended with the “Diktat”of Versailles. Lenin must have thought that Germany, impoverished after four years of war and ravished by the victors,  was ripe for the picking. His Communist Jewish agents came close to affixing Germany to the Soviet Empire (Stalin made the same attempt with Spain). That Judeo-Communism did not gain power in Germany was due to the  National Socialists (the Nazis) and Hitler, their leader.  Hitler had barely been named chancellor (January 30, l933) when International Jewry declared  war on Germany. On March 24, l933  the headlines of the Daily Express (London) read  “Judea Declares War On Germany –Jews Of  All The World Unite In Action.”  This war declaration made the German Jews automatically into alien enemies and consigned them to the camps. All the combatants had their concentration camps into which they put  segments of their population whose loyalty they did not trust. The difference between the camps of the victors and the Germans was this: The victors could maintain their camps. They were not relentlessly bombed and their infrastructure was not destroyed.

And then there was the book  “Germany Must Perish (l941)” by the Jewish  writer, Theodore Kaufman. Kaufman presents a plan how Germany and the Germans could be made to disappear. Germany and its population should be divided up among its neighbors, but first all its males had to be sterilized. In a few years all the Germans would be gone and peace would reign forever. The German soldiers knew about this book. Their fierce resistance was at least in part due to Theodore Kaufman. - Reconcile with Judea? The answer is found in the prayer that Jesus taught us  “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”