Lesbianism 3/27/2006

Editor MNH:  3/27/06

When an Arabic couple have their first child, the husband and wife forsake their own given name and  take on the title Abu/father and Um/mother  plus the name of their first born. With the birth of  a child the parents see themselves no longer as individuals, with selfish needs and wants, but identify themselves with the child, the connection to the future and thereby the survival of society. They will die,  but indirectly they will have achieved immortality by means of their genes. This quest for immortality is the driving force of every living entity, be it individual or group, save  a decadent society  which has a death wish. This death wish goes under another name – tolerance!

D. P., avowed lesbian, spent the March 4/5 weekend in M. motivating residents to oppose the marriage amendment which will appear on Wisconsin ballots this fall. I will vote for that amendment which would not be necessary had not judicial hegemony replaced the public’s right to decide important moral questions.

D. P. will never be called “Um” plus the name of a child, for the sexual relationship with her female lover is, a priori, sterile. I feel sorry for the D. P.’s. They define themselves  exclusively by  their sexual practices. How pathetically they limit themselves.  D. P. by telling that she is a lesbian puts into my mind unsavory sexual images. Don’t tell me I have a dirty mind when it is the D. P.’s who force these images on me. I do not go around  giving speeches about my heterosexuality, defining myself  by what I do in the privacy of my bedroom.  To the homosexuals and lesbians I have this to say: “Don’t continually rub my nose into your sex life. I wish to be spared.”