Holocaust Refutation

Editor MNH: Running for school board I was interviewed. This interview was subsequently written up in the MNH, March 30, 2000. The reporter, Ms. E. did an excellent job keeping straight what I said. However one sentence I did not like: “German nativc M. has long been known for her adamant denial of the Holocaust.”  Denial deals with our emotions. It implies a guilt which can not be faced and is therefore not accepted. If I have to label myself I would say I am adamant holocaust rcfuter. To rcfute has a lawyerly ring to it and implies reason and logic. Let me compare the holocaust lore to a picture puzzle. Inside the box are the puzzle pieces, on top of the box is the picture which will guide you in assembling the puzzle. In that holocaust picture puzzle the pieces do not fit, pieces were changed, and key pieces are missing. Trying to assemble the puzzle  I therefore could not come up with the picture given to us, namely the picture of six million Jews gassed in homicidal gas chambers. The most important missing piece is documentary evidence. There isn’t any. There are plenty of eyewitness reports, but if put side by side, the contradictions would be obvious. Let me just pull out one puzzle piece which does not fit, the puzzle piece of Anne Frank. Anne Frank and her family were deported to Auschwitz supposedly an extermination camp. But neither she, nor her sister nor hcr fathcr were gassed there. When the war front came closer they were shipped back to Bergen-Belsen, a camp within Germany, not listed as an extermination camp anymore (this puzzle piece has been changed), but simply as a concentration camp. Ann and her sister Margot died there most likely of typhus. But why were the Jews uprooted, deported and put into camps?  March 24, 1933 the Daily Express (London) carried this headline: “Judea Declares War On Germany - Jews Of All The World Unite In Action.”  Communist Jews with Russian money were continuously fomenting revolution within Germany.  You might say the Frank family and most other Jews had not declared war on Germany and wanted nothing to do with Communism.  You are right. They were innocent. There is NO collective guilt. But unfortunately, there is a collective fate, and nobody knows that better than I.