Newcomers 12/04/2004

Editor MNH:  12/4/04

I like to learn and therefore accept being taught. But I resent being lectured to especially by people with a beam in their eye. To me the moralizing editorial  of the MNH  (11/24/2004) “Don’t let racism taint discussion about killings.” was only  offensive, but to the relatives and acquaintances of the murdered it must have been a fist in the face. Writing “Hmong find hunting in the US strange” seemed as if  the editor tried to find mitigating circumstances for the murder of six people. I also resent being lectured to by the Hmong leadership namely that the Wisconsinites have to learn to share the woods with the newcomers. The people of  Wisconsin are good natured  with a live and let live attitude shown by the man who gave Vang,  directions out of the woods. It  is the Hmong leadership which should tell its  fellow tribesmen to learn the rules and regulations of this country and to respect private property.

As a naturalized German I especially resented the editor throwing Dahmer into our face. Is this because Dahmer is a  German name? Let me remind the editor that  a single grandfather five generations back will pass on his name no matter how many other nationalities were added to the family mixture. I also would like to remind the editor that the Asian youth murdered by Dahmer  might  have been saved if the police had been less politically correct concerning homosexuality. They did not want to interfere in a homosexual lover’s spat. 

After the murder of  Van Gogh  the  Europeans are suddenly seeing  the specter of endless civil strife due to multi culti societies.  I personally think that it would have been wiser to support the Hmong in their own native and cultural environment. But I am not politically correct.