Social Justice 5/08/2004

Editor MNH:  (5/7/04)

The Social Justice Advisory Committee met 3/22/04. The purpose of  the meeting was to prevent me from getting elected to the school board. Various proposals were suggested. One was by Dr. Me. who recommended that one of  the other two women candidates should be persuaded to withdraw, which would cut into my votes. Also the importance of  three votes should be publicized.

Dr. Z., Dr. Kr., Dr. Ke., Mr. S., Dr.Mi. became activists and sent out a card  before the election “Dear Citizens of M.”  I do not believe that this card had anything to do with my defeat since everything I have done and written is an open record. This record I have now published in a book  “Reality Check” to be found in the M. Public Library.
A most disturbing proposal was which I quote: “… we may want to consider legal challenges if allowed by state law based on ”hate laws” and/or organizing a recall election.”

My answer is. It is not I  who hates, but certain members of the MSJ. Their hate is the hate of the predator for its prey which is trying to escape. Yes, I am trying to escape the relentless atrocity propaganda directed at my country of birth and my goodly people, who had such a low crime rate that Muensterhausen and  the surrounding communities had  no police force. The crime rate of a nation is always reflected in the crime rate of its army. Law-abiding men like the Germans, don’t suddenly turn into monsters when put into uniform. 

Atrocity propaganda is evil since it  gives a ready  excuse to unsavory elements to exact “revenge.” No people suffered more from that “revenge” than the Germans.

I think MACCI should sever every connection with the M. Social “Justice” Group.