Poison Dog Teeth 3/27/2004

Editor MNH:  (3/27/04)

If you believe it, that is your business. I don’t! I am referring to the following passage in the article: Victims reveal Nazi lab horrors in new filings (MNH, 1/26/04). “Nazi dogs with poison on their teeth were let loose to chase him and another man and rip flesh from their legs.” I am an avid reader of holocaust literature. Depending on the publication,  the Germans were supposed to have killed the Jews in: steam chambers;  on electric conveyor belts with subsequent disposal in blast furnaces;  poisonous gas with a delayed action, that the Jews could walk to the mass graves, once there they dropped dead; fiery pits into which truckloads of babies were dumped. But killing Jews with poisonous dogs’ teeth is new to me. How you can put poison on a dog tooth without killing the dog whose bite was supposed to kill the Jew, is a mystery to me. Gideon Taylor, vice president of the Conference on Jewish Materials Claims against Germany, assures us that the “survivors” were more interested in having their story known than in $5,400  payouts. If you believe it, that is your business. I don’t!  I ask, how dare these “survivors” talk such nonsense and how dare the Marshfield News-Herald print such nonsense. They must count on a gullible and self-righteous readership which in the past has believed it all.  

Jewish organizations are making  a big fuss about Gibson’s movie “The Passion.”  Hollywood since 1945 has made nothing but anti German movies, turning an internment policy into a Holocaust religion whose faithful cling to it more fanatically than any Christian clings to his faith. Jesus told us, don’t even think evil of you neighbor, much less speak it. Atrocity propaganda is against his teaching. It is atrocity propaganda which makes war possible.