Dejavu, 10/26/2002

Editor MNH:  10/26/02

Jewish politicians and commentators (Wolfowitz, Perle, Safire, Krauthammer, Jacoby) experience a déjà vu, blatantly expressed by Jeff Jacoby: “What was done to Japan and Germany can be done to the Palestinians (and Iraq). Pulverizing defeat followed by occupation and transformation  … (Boston Globe, 6/27/2002)”  Let me tell you what happened to Germany. From this you can deduce what is in store for the Palestinians and Iraq. Pforzheim was pulverized  February 23, l945 by the English (WWII  ended  May 8, l945). How did the 18 000 (mostly mothers with their children) die? Some had their lungs burst by air mines, some were buried by falling debris, but most of them were incinerated alive. The London radio announcer reporting the successful attack on the city added: “Loss of life is regretted.” On March 4, l945 a single English airplane machine gunned to death another 115  Pforzheimers who were standing in line at a soup kitchen. After the defeat  a fifth of Germany was given outright to Russia and  Poland. The rest of Germany was quartered. The English took the North, the French the West, the Americans  the South, the Russians the Middle, which  became known as East Germany. And they all took what was not destroyed. The English and the Russians were interested in machinery, factories and wharfs, (they even dismantled factories which had been rebuilt), the Americans took all the patents including the jet engine. The rockets and rocket scientists fell to Russia and the US which took the lion’s share. Then came the war crime trials in one of the few buildings left standing in pulverized Nuremberg. The twelve convicted at Nuremberg were just the tip of the iceberg. The victors  went on a hanging spree. The Marshall plan was a loan (repaid). Since when are bankers philanthropists? Germany had only one thing going for itself  which allowed it to make a comeback, namely the victors had a falling out,  starting the cold war.

Jeff Jacoby does not mention that the transformation, or reeducation of the Germans had been  put into Jewish hands. The Germans  are now so “good” that recently they gave Israel two submarines built according to the latest technology.    

“Ich weiss nicht was soll es  bedeuten, dass ich so traurig bin. Ein Maerchen von alten Zeiten das geht mir nicht aus dem Sinn (Lorelei).” - Why am I so sad? I  keep remembering a tale of  bygone days.