Ted Junker 7/04/2006

Editor: MNH  (7/4/06)

The Jews controlling the public opinion shaping businesses (see Alan Dershowitz :  The Vanishing American Jew, p. 51) use this control like a funhouse mirror which they put in front of the Nazi period. When we look into that mirror we only see a grotesque reflection of what that period was really like. People therefore react not to reality, but to the hideous distortions which they see in that mirror. Just one example. Adolf Hitler  interned the Jews  as a defense against their continued attempt to impose Communism  on Germany with their false promise of a Communistic paradise. The funhouse mirror reflects that internment as six million Jews gassed, the ultimate of racism. The public reaction is one of revulsion creating the “positive response:” We have to assure that the Jews are safe within their own country, Israel.

In the recent issues of  newspapers, including the MNH (6/15/2006)  the caption of the article about Ted Junker reads: Farmer makes waves with Hitler shrine. Since I am a personal friend of Ted Junker I know the real man and his real aims and therefore do not have to rely on the grotesque reflection of the fun house mirror. At age 87 he is not a mixed up man, but in full command of all of his mental and physical faculties. And he has a lofty goal which he expressed in the invitation to the opening ceremony: I believe it is our duty  to remember the fifteen million European dead who gave their lives for a free Europe, referring to soldiers, among them  European and Muslim Waffen SS volunteers who fought against communism on the Eastern front. Ted Junker calls his shrine: Totengedenkstaette und Ehrenhalle -  Memorial to the dead and hall of honor. The public opening did not take place, due to intolerance.