Farce 11/05/2009

Is it all a farce? In 2006 the State of Wisconsin had an election combined with a referendum: “Same sex marriage,  or a functional equivalent of marriage: Yes or No?” The people voted: “No.” But  Governor Doyle ignored the will of the people, legislating domestic partnership. In the MNH  (9/29/2009) under the heading:  Domestic partnerships, I found this announcement: “Joyce K Bittner and Barbara K Hagberg, both of Marshfield.” That much for the Wisconsin amended constitution and demography!

We carry wars to distant countries in order to “defend” ourselves, but cannot defend and secure our own borders against the millions of illegals.

We are supposed to be race, color,  gender, national origin etc. blind. But President Obama made Sotomayor, an Hispanic,  a supreme court justice, not because she is that good. (She is rather on the lazy side, not having read documents pertaining to a case.) Obama very much saw.  He catered to the Hispanics.

The Norwegian Nobel peace prize committee gave the peace prize to President Obama who is making war.

I have read the slogan: Buy American! That slogan might just as well be: “Walk on water!” I can’t walk on water and I can’t buy American. Our CEO’s have outsourced our industries to other countries using and abusing their cheap labor.

The MNH promotes “sustainability.” But in order to sustain you have to maintain. Our  School Board did not maintain Washington school, but preferred to build a new school at the periphery of Marshfield necessitating a sidewalk only needed on account of the new school.

The 1st Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”But I have to contribute to the livelihood of rabbis since the  kosher symbols  K or U  (United Rabbinical College) granted by rabbis for a price, are on the majority of  supermarket items.

It is religion which makes  Born Again Christians support Israel.  This support costs us dearly and assures us the enmity of  Moslems. Our founding fathers are rotating in their graves.