The Funhouse Mirror

To: Community News  (8/8/05) 

The Jews controlling the public opinion shaping businesses use this control like a funhouse mirror which they put in front of  the Nazi period. When we look into that mirror we only see a grotesque reflection of what that period was really like. People therefore are reacting not to reality, but to the hideous distortions which they see in that mirror.

Adolf Hitler was a patriot,  his body and soul belonged to Germany and the German people. Unlike the present day German and American politicians he did not sell out to foreign interests or to conglomerate greed. The funhouse mirror reflects his patriotism as hideous racism producing a revulsion and ultimately the “positive response” of multi culturalism.             

Adolf Hitler interned the Jews as a defense against  their continued attempt  to impose Communism on Germany  with their false promises of  a communistic paradise. The funhouse mirror reflects that  internment as 6 million Jews gassed. The public reaction again is one of revulsion creating the “positive response”: the Jews were victims. We have to see to it that from now on they are safe within their own country, Israel.

I could go on. But let me point out  one more funhouse mirror reflection, namely the reflection of the treatment of the homosexuals during the Nazi period. I am quoting from the book  And The Band Played On written by the gay activist, Randy Shilts. Randy Shilts  writes about  Larry Kramer’s visit to Dachau: ”Where the fuck was everybody for eight years (1933-l941)” he (Larry) wanted to shout. “They were killing Jews, Catholics and gays for eight years and nobody did a thing.” The reality was different. The Germans did not kill Jews, Catholics and gays at Dachau.  At the end of the war  when the death rate soared due to overcrowding from the evacuation of the Eastern camps and the lack of  food,  medical supplies and fuel from the relentless bombing of German cities and German infrastructure by the English and the Americans,  the Nazis appealed to the Red Cross for help. No help was forthcoming.

The following information I found in the book  Hidden Holocaust  by Guenter Grau.  The book needless to say is very biased which you should be able to surmise from its title. There was no homosexual holocaust hidden or unhidden. First let me give you my opinion about homosexuality. Since nature  is never monolithic but is infinite in its gradations  why should that not hold true for homosexual inclination, namely from no inclination, to slight, to bisexuality, to homosexuality  so strong  that sex is only possible with a partner of  the same gender.

I do not know why in times of  moral decline and decadence homosexuality  multiplies exponentially. Is it because the individual sees himself no longer embedded in a community for which he is responsible and which only can survive by producing offspring. A heterosexual relationship means offspring and offspring mean responsibility. In a homosexual relationship both partners are footloose and fancy free. It is therefore a tempting lifestyle even for men with only a slight inclination toward homosexuality. The Weimar period was a period of decadence and so are our own  times. The Nazi period was a time of renewal, a resurrection.  Caesar Augustus tried in vain to turn  the wheel backwards to a period of  stern morality when the individual did not live for only satisfying his instincts, but always had the greater good of his community in mind.  Where Caesar Augustus failed, Adolf Hitler succeeded.

In Germany the law against homosexualty in the shape of  Section 175 of the Reich Penal Code was in existence since 1871. Most other nations had similar laws on the books. The Nazis enforced this law. One of their  first acts was to close the gay bars. The Nazi  correspondence  contained in the  Hidden Holocaust showed a great concern for juveniles. The Nazis came down very hard on repeat offenders against  juveniles especially if the seducers were in positions of  leadership and authority. After serving their prison sentence they were interned.  The numbers were small, well below 1% of the total inmate population. These are the figures for Buchenwald : l938 - 28 prisoners; 1939 – 46;  l941 – 51;  1943- l69;  l944 -  l89;  Using the funhouse mirror reflection, the gay community in Europe and  the US, is pushing the gay rights agenda which is an agenda  of death. Randy Shilts, the author  of  And The Band Played On,  and all the other gay activists are dead of AIDS. Let’s be blunt. The homosexual lifestyle is  very unhealthy. Even before the AIDS pandemic, hepatitis B, venereal diseases, parasites, fistulas, abscesses, etc. where rampant  in the gay community.  Then came AIDS which is a viral destruction of the immune system leaving the body exposed to all sorts of diseases.  

Most likely AIDS was introduced to the US  in 1976 with the Freedom Flotilla. In November 1980 Dr. Gottlieb discovered that the young gay  patients whom he was seeing had Pneumocystis carinii, meaning microscopic protozoa were filling up the tiny air sacs of  their lungs. The patients had no T-helpers cells left. Soon the connection was made between homosexuality and  AIDS. Some gay activists who realized that the gay community in San Francisco was about to be exintinguished, tried to rouse their fellow homosexuals. When Bill Kraus, gay activists, tried to have the  bath houses closed, he was maligned as a Nazi. No politician dared to oppose the greed of the bathhouse owners, the breeding ground  for the disease, because the owners made them look into the  funhouse mirror.  When Gaetan Dugas who deliberately infected his fellow  homosexuals was told to desist from his destructive behavior he thumbed his nose at the doctors’ advice. After the Pasteur Institute had isolated the AIDS virus and developed a test, Dr. Don Frances, expert on epidemics at the Center for Disease Control suggested that the homosexuals be tested and according to the test result  separate themselves into two groups, an infected group and a non infected group. The homosexuals then should only have sex within their respective group. This suggestion outraged his  gay audience. “Control, control, control” muttered the AIDS writer for the New York Native “It is so fascistic.”  Except for the few gay men who tried to do something against the death spiral, for example having the bathhouses closed, the majority of gay men acted like kids who had just gotten the key to the candy store and indulged themselves to their heart’s content. No politician, no government agency, all being afraid of that one word “Nazi”, dared to protect the wellbeing of the general public including that of the homosexuals. Nothing has been more destructive to all of Western civilization than this funhouse mirror through which the Jews make us see the Nazi period: “and thus the whirligig of time  brings in his revenges.” (Shakespeare)


Christine B. Miller