Community News, 09/28/2004

In case you have not seen the film Amadeus here is the synopsis. The time is the second half of the 18th  century; the place: Salzburg and Vienna. The main characters are Salieri and Mozart. Salieri is the honored and  well compensated court composer to Joseph II. Mozart is the independent genius always desperate for money. What is the theme? ENVY! Salieri has enough musical talent to recognize the musical genius in Mozart. He can not cope with his inferiority in comparison to Mozart’s superiority. He therefore hates Mozart and sets out to destroy him. Mozart is Hitler and his Third Reich, Salieri is Germany’s adversaries and destroyers.

Adolf Hitler came to power l/31/l933. Within three short years he brought about the resurrection of a  humiliated, starving, and despairing people to such an extent that in l936 he could put on the glorious Olympic games in Berlin which were  free of any hint of unfairness by the judges.  It was Easter for Germany. I know a little bit about history. What the genius of Hitler accomplished in such a short time and with the limited resources at his disposal is unique. He not only brought Germany back politically, socially and economically, but also morally. To reverse decadence  is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. Caesar Augustus tried to stem the moral decline of Rome. He failed. Hitler succeeded.

Two years ago while I was deadheading the flowers at the little library garden, a young man approached me and we started to talk. He was a Russian from Uzbekistan. That is what he said: “Within forty years the United States will be a goner.” That is what I replied: “I wish we had that long!” I see a nation which by the grace of God, or circumstances had  everything in contrast to Germany; safe borders - to the East and West two oceans, to the North and South two weak neighbors; it had a huge land mass into which it could expand its population;  a range of climates which gave us tropical fruit from the South and wheat  from the North;  a full barrel of resources containing oil, iron ore, coal etc. It could have created a paradise for its people.  George Washington was wise when he warned: “Don’t get entangled in foreign affairs.” The US fall from grace came with its entry into WWI  pushed by the Jews, and greedy bankers. England about to lose the war promised the Jews a homeland in Palestine (the Balfour declaration) in order to bring American Jewry on its side to agitate for the US entry into the war. WWII  followed which was a rat tail connecting to the rat of the cold war and a slew of hot wars which not only wasted our  resources, but  also wrapped the mentality of the American people. Since that “glorious” and profitable victory  over Germany and  Japan (Vietnam is conveniently forgotten) the Americans see wars as profitable endeavors. In the past the flags came out with the victory  parade at the end of the war, but here in M. the flags were waving  from cars and houses at the beginning of the two Gulf wars. The first Gulf war was again profitable,  the war costs being paid  by Germany and Japan, the rebuilding of Kuwait benefiting American companies giving us a stock market  bubble. This second Gulf war will be a downer. Again this war was pushed by  the Jews, who like  chameleons change colors, change names,  the pseudonym being  Neocons.

And that brings me to some of the English and American Revisionists who see very clearly that the Holocaust/gas chamber lie is to the Jews what his mother Earth was to the giant Antaeus. Whenever Antaeus touched earth he received  renewed vigor from his mother. Hercules could only defeat Antaeus by lifting him off the ground depriving him of that vigor-giving contact. These revisionists have taken on the Jewish giant for which they have my admiration. Unfortunately they  cannot quite deny the Salieri in them. They fight the holocaust/gas chamber lie and at the same time denigrate the Germans as being morally bad. To the Bradley Smiths and Dave Irvings I have this to say. Get off your high moral horse! You are just  Salieris.