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"Allwissend bin ich nicht;
Doch viel ist mir bewusst."
 - Mephisto in Goethe's Faust

Blacklisted By History

“My name is NoOne” Ulysses told the Cyclops, Polyphemos when asked his name. The ogre, his one eye poked out by Ulysses, and his companions, stumbled out of his cave crying, "NoOne has blinded me, NoOne wants to kill me." The neighboring ogres shouted back, "If no one has blinded you, and no one wants to kill you, why are you making such a commotion disturbing our sleep?" Help for Polyphemos was not forthcoming, which allowed Ulysses and his crew to reach the safety of their ship.

The Jews use a similar ruse with this variation. They do not call themselves NoOne but AnyOne. Let me explain. The history books call the 1917 November Revolution in Russia either the Russian Revolution, or The Communist revolution when it should be named the Judeo/Communist Revolution. Without Jews the Russians would have been spared the Jewish Communist takeover of their country.

After World War II the Jews who had not perished in the German "Holocaust" were still there sitting in the camps waiting to go to Palestine. However they no longer went under the name Jews but DPs (displaced persons).

The Jews, Icahn, Miliken, Boesky. Goldsmith, Jacobs, etc. who plundered American corporations (their tools were junk bonds) were called raiders. Hollywood showed a noble raider in Pretty Woman. After having been deregulated (deregulation pushed by the Jew, Milton Friedman) the Savings and Loan companies were "persuaded" to replace sound investments with junk bonds, The junk bonds went belly up, so did the Savings and Loan companies. Since the savings were government guaranteed, the taxpayers, you and me, were out $500 billions. The Jews who plundered Russia, impoverishing the man in the street, found for themselves a ridiculous Oligarch (oligo - few, arch - rule).

Why are we in the war against Iraq? The Jews who put us there use the AnyOne name, Neoconservatives (neos – new, conservare - preserve). What a misnomer. The Neoconservatives do not preserve, they destroy. I have yet to see a Perle, Golde or Silverstein name when I watch the news stories concerning Americans killed in Iraq.

That brings me to the book by M. Stanton Evans Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy. Evans' dedication reads: For my mother Josephine Stanton Evans who knew it all along. What did Evans' mother know all along? She knew that McCarthy was right, namely that there was a Communist conspiracy permeating the whole American government. In the 1950s Jewish world dominance was still achievable through international Communism of which the Soviet Union was the flagship. The Jewish attempt at world dominance now goes under the name of Globalism. The Jews easily shifted their alliance to their present flagship, the United States.

In the index of Evans' book there are plenty of Jewish sounding names but the words Jew or Jewish do not appear. Again the Jews are NoOne. Blacklisted By History is the title of the book. But history does not blacklist, people blacklist, in this case people who control the media, the Jews. The Jewish media has managed to make McCarthyism synonymous with "witch hunt". The men, women and children accused of being witches were innocent. Horses and cows did not die on account of their evil spells. People did not sicken and the harvest did not fail on account of them. Similarly the men and women accused by McCarthy of harboring communist sympathies and working for the communist cause were innocent, patriotic Americans unjustly accused. The analogy is false. The witches were innocent but the people accused by McCarthy were not.

That which Evans' mother knew all along my educated friends in Boston did not. When husband and wife badmouthed McCarthy I asked them to listen to what I knew about the man.

The Case Malmedy. During the last German offensive, the "Ardennenoffensive" (December, 1944), 71 American soldiers were killed. The American government accused the Germans of having killed these soldiers after they had surrendered. No corpse however showed a head wound delivered at close range as was claimed.

After the war members of the SS unit commanded by Jochen Peiper were tortured, a lieutenant Pearl being especially eager to extract confessions. A number of tortured German soldiers committed suicide. On July 16, 1946, 43 of the accused were condemned to death, 22 received life sentences and eight long prison sentences. The death sentences were not carried out, but for years these German soldiers were under the threat that every Friday they might have to face the gallows at Landsberg. As time passed the death sentences were changed to imprisonment. On Christmas Day in 1956 the last, Peiper, was released.

I quote from Blacklisted by History (footnote, p. 33) “Malmedy” was an atrocity case from World War II in which American soldiers were slaughtered by the Nazis. Later numerous German soldiers were interrogated, put on trial, and convicted in a U.S. military court for complicity in the murders. There were allegations that the defendants had been subject to torture and inhumane treatment to extract confessions. The issue was somewhat similar to the Abu Ghraib episode in the war against Iraq. McCarthy became the main Senate spokesman questioning the methods of interrogation of the German prisoners. That was new to my friends.

In Blacklisted by History I met two old acquaintances, the German Jew and Communist, Wilhelm Muenzenberg, and his fellow Jew and coworker, Leo Katz. After World War I both were active in the attempted subjugation of Germany to Communist rule. When Hitler came to power in January of 1933 they took abode in France from where they directed atrocity propaganda against Nazi Germany. In the Spanish Civil War they supported the Red Republic with their propaganda machine. I quote from Blacklisted by History (p. 491): Matthew told the House committee, naïve and busy people could be hoodwinked into lending their names to the Red causes that looked good on the surface but were something else on close inspection. He cited the fancy Communist newspaper Ce Soir in France (a Willie Munzenberg production), which on approach of its first anniversary solicited and received greetings from some big Hollywood names – Clark Gable, Robert Taylor, James Cagney, and even Shirley Temple.

Let us call a spade a spade and a Jew a Jew.

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