Fighting Back  1/05/2005

To Community News :  Fighting Back  1/5/05

   Since I am known as a holocaust “denier”, now and then I am approached by high school students  who want to write a paper on the holocaust.. I give these students the direst of warnings. This is what I  say: “Don’t touch this subject. The holocaust is the foundation of the state of Israel. The Jews will not sit idly by to have that foundation undermined or even scrutinized. You are starting your productive life. Have a care!” But nevertheless I always pull revisionist material together for them. May they learn!

   My mother told me about a lecture on old age. The lecturer told the audience that he can’t say anything good about getting old. I disagree. I found in old age an exhilarating liberation. Having to make a living makes cowards of us all. Well, I made my living. I was reticent while my children were still under my roof.  My children are independent. I no longer seek the approbation of my fellow men. If the present  German government consisting of scum and traitors would give me the Bundesverdienstkreuz  which is so coveted by members of DANK (Deutsch/Amerikanischer Nationaler Kongress) I would  feel dishonored.

   Acquaintances have told me: “Chris watch out,  the Jews are going to get you.” My reply is: “Die I must. The Iraqi and the Palestinian young men and women sacrifice their young lives. Why should I have such a care about my old life?” I scare off the young from joining our fight. They have too much to lose. This fight is the task of us old timers. But how can we fight back with such limited resources at our disposal?  Here are a few pointers! I welcome additional suggestions.

1.      Write letters to the editor of your news-paper and to organizations. If your letter is rejected  it is at least read by one,  the rejecter.

2.      Place revisionist books into your library. Don’t take no for an answer! I had to go to the library board to get the first  book accepted, the Leuchter Report. This is what I said: “The M. Public Library has a shelf full of Holocaust books. Without the revisionist books, a more apt name for M. Public Library would be M Public Indoctrination Center.” These are the books which I was able to place: The  Hoax of the Twentieth Century/ Butz; The Auschwitz Myth/Staeglich; The Ball Report/ Ball; Forged War Crimes Malign the German Nation/Walendy; Is the Diary of Anne Frank Genuine?/Faurisson; Did Six Million Really Die?/Kulaszka; The Forced War/Hoggan; Adolf Hitler, the Unknown Artist/Price; Look to Germany the Heart of Europe/McClatchie; Stalin’s War of Extermination/Hoffmann; Flashpoint (Kristallnacht)/Weckert; Setting the Record Straight/Zundel; Reality Check/Miller.

3.      Check out your Junior and Senior High School libraries. The librarian of the Junior  High School was pleasant and accommodating. The librarian and the principal of the Senior High School denied me access. A call to the superintendent  opened the doors. Since these two schools did not purchase, or  accept from me revisionist books I decided to run for school board.

4.      Run for a local office, major, alderman, school board etc. Running for office gives you a free forum. We revisionists have common sense, that is why we are revisionists. This common sense will stand you in good stead when you have to expound on the problems facing the community. I started to run for school board in l995 and I have run every year since then. I am a former teacher and therefore have a good idea how our schools should be run. The refusal of revisionist books by our two high schools is not the only issue I bring up, but it is always an issue. I do not know if I will every win a seat on the board (voter fraud is a problem). But  the publicity is free.

5.      Go to holocaust lectures and challenge. I am like Ferdinand the Bull. I would rather sniff flowers than fight. But I make myself go into the “arena,” and I force myself to speak out. Needless to say you have to be well versed in revisionist literature. Knowledge of the truth is our weapon. About three years ago I signed up for a mini holocaust lecture series. Since the professor knew I would be there he brought in a psychiatrist who gave a fifteen minute lecture.  The subject was denial.  “Why do we deny? We deny because we do not want to accept a negative self image.” My reply to the psychiatrist  was short: “I do not deny the holocaust. Denial belongs to the realm of emotions. I refute the holocaust, and that has to do with logic.” The psychiatrist had nothing more to say.

6.      In Wisconsin we have Public Access TV to which I  bring revisionist videos. After  they have been returned, I wait for a month and bring them back. 

 I  would feel ashamed  if I would not use the weapons which have been forged with such tremendous sacrifices by men like Ernst  Zundel, Robert Faurisson, Wilhelm Staeglich etc. And let us remember, we are not just fighting for the good name of Germany. We, revisionists are the true American patriots. Truth, justice, patriotism go hand in hand. Let us fight while we still may.