Witches 7/06/2005

To:  Community News  7/6/05

We call it ‘day’. But half of the day is made up of night. It was simply ‘Christian’ before  the politically correct hyphenated Judeo-Christian became popular,  the Judeo part being based on the old testament, the Christian part on  the new one. The two could not be more different than night is from day.. The god of the old testament is a genocidal  god, an oriental despot  who holds grudges, promising to visit the sins of the fathers on their offspring. It is a god made in the tribal image of the Jews. Jesus showed us another god, an all embracing,  and forgiving father. Unfortunately for mankind  Christianity  during its decadent and debased periods harkened  to the commandments of the Jewish god  and ignored the god  Jesus showed us. Most of us are under the mistaken belief that there are only ten commandments, but the commandments  go on an on, one being “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” About a million people were tortured, tied to the stakes and burned in obedience to this passage in the old testament. Jesus had pity with the possessed and drove out their demons, not so the corrupt hierarchy of Rome.

The belief in witches, ghouls, ghosts and long legged beasties which go bump in the night was part of the belief system of the public during the middle ages. But the Russian orthodox church had no witches’ burnings which indicates that the fires which burned the witches in Western Europe were lit and stoked by  a corrupt Roman hierarchy which commissioned the book Hexenhammer, written by two German Dominican monks, Heinrich Institoris and Jacob Sprenger. An especially immoral pope, Pope Innocent VIII, wrote the preface: “Mit gluehendem Verlangen wuenschen wir, dass der katholische Glaube wachse und die ketzerische Bosheit ausgerottete werde …  ~ With burning desire we wish that the Catholic  faith may grow and the heretical evil be torn out …”

In order to tear out the heretical evil Rome simply mobilized the inquisition. An what was the inquisition all about?  The inquisition was about power, the maintenance of power and  through that power the control of wealth. This religious madness once incited,  was not stopped by the protestant reformation. There were plenty of witches burned in protestant lands. 

Who was burned? Let me give you names which I took from Fernau’s book ”Und sie schaemeten sich nicht.” The place was Wuerzburg,  the time l627-l629:

“…die Tochter des Kanzlers von Aichstaedt; die Goldschmiedin; die Dompropst Voegtin; die Ratsfrau Baunachin; ein fremd Maeglein von zwoelf Jahren; der Ratsherr Baunach der dickste Buerger war zu Wuerzburg; der Bentzin Tochter; die Bentzin selbst; der Steinacher ein gar reicher Mann; ein klein Maeglein von neun Jahren; ein geringers ihr Schwesterlein; der zwei Maegdlein Mutter; der Lieblerin Tochter von vierundzwanzig Jahr; ein Knab in der Schule; zwei Edelknaben einer von Reitzenstein und einer von Rothenhan; des Ratsvogt zwei Toechter und seine Magd; die Apothekerin zum Hirsch; ihr Toechterlein; ein Maegdlein von fuenfzehn  Jahren; das Goebel Babele die schoenste Jungrfau die in Wuerzburg war; die Rosslein Martel; ein Student wo viele Sprachen gekonnt und ein furtrefflicher Musiker gewesen; des Ratsvogts klein Soehnlein; ein blind Maeglein …”

Do these names remind you of other names? These names could be interchangeable with names of people  burned to death, suffocated or buried alive under the rubble by English and  American bombers. The question arises: Were  the people  who stood around the stakes who heard the shrieks of the victims and saw the bodies writhe in agony  bereft of all pity? The answer is: the people had just as much or as little pity as we have. The one who shrieked at the stake was not  the Goebel Babele, but the devil in her and he did not deserve any sympathy. Did and do the Americans and English have any pity with their German and Japanese victims? We are told that the Japanese and the Germans started the war, meaning they were  evil and therefore “they had it coming ” as a student in my class told me.  Saddam was evil and just like pope Innocent who wanted faith to grow, Bush and his cronies want freedom and democracy to grow and  evil torn out, just like the evil of Nazism, exemplified by the “holocaust”  had to be torn out of Germany.  This irrational demonizing  is again fed by  lust for power and greed. 

The Hexenhammer made it clear that anybody doubting witches was heretical. Opposition therefore was almost impossible. But  nevertheless there were a few Christians who instead of seeing evil, saw tortured men, women. and children. Let me just name one, the Jesuit,  Friedrich von Spee. He did not dare to express doubts in  witches. But he objected to the torture which made these poor creatures not only confess but gave the inquisitors additional names. Friedrich von Spee had turned prematurely gray which he attributed to having to accompany the “witches” to the stake. When Fredrick the Great abolished torture, there were no more confessions and therefore no more burnings of witches in Prussia.

Anybody not believing in the gas chamber/holocaust lore is either  an evil Nazi or Neonazi  and subject to punishment. There are no stakes anymore (the burning is done, and  was done wholesale), but the punishment is there. It is either imprisonment, a ruinous fine, or the destruction of the career.

As a Christian it bothers me very much that again the Christian churches,  Catholic and Protestant alike condemn the evil Nazis and  promote the holocaust lore. They apologize to the Jews for imaginary wrongs of the past committed by Christianity but never see fit to apologize for the part they played in the witches burnings or condemn the wholesale burnings of  the Germans and the Japanese in their cities.    

Eventually the last pyre was extinguished  (1793), because faith in general was weakened by the period of enlightenment. What will it take to free the Germans from the stigma of being  the modern day witches? Will it be the demise of the US as a dictating power, the power which has been usurped by the Jews? Time will tell.      
Christine B. Miller