On Communist takeover in Mering

My grandfather was born, made his living and died in Mering, a smallish community between Augsburg and Munich. He was am idealist who lived and breathed politics. In  January 1919 (the population of Mering at that time was 2800) he became a founding member of the Sozialdemokratischer Verein Mering und Umgebung  (SPD) On my last visit to Germany in l996, my uncle took me to SPD Verein where a Mr. Hanus gave me the chronicle  of the party from 1917 to l933.

An aside. In May l945 the occupational army which were the Americans destroyed parts of the communal archive. I have to assume therefore most of that chronicle was written using material gathered  from private sources. 

In 1917 the SPD split into USPD (Unabhaengige Sozialdemokratische Partei ) und SPD (Mehrheits Sozialdemokratische Partei.). This split was analogous to what happened to the socialist movement in Russia. The radical faction controlled by Lenin called itself  Bolsheviks (Majority), naming the other faction  Mensheviks (Minority).  In l918 the Bolsheviks changed their name to  Russian Communist Party. In Germany the situation was reversed.  The USPD, the radical wing and the party of the Jew, Kurt Eisner, was in the minority, the SPD  in the majority. In November l918  Eisner overthrew the Bavarian monarchy  and once in power took his directions from Lenin.

The  November Revolution of  l918 saw the formation of Bauern,  Soldaten and Arbeiterraete throughout Germany. The German word Raete translates into English as councils and into Russian as soviet.  A Bauern und Arbeiterrat was also formed in Mering. This Bauern and Arbeiterrat quickly fell into the hands of three radical members, Schraudy, Ludwig and Koenig who ousted the mayor and the aldermen. Ludwig became the new mayor. What kind of men where these? Reading their missives  I would assign them to the bottom of  society, not only economically but  most of all intellectually. Their slogans were delivered to them from Munich, their spelling is hilarious. They seemed to have been men consumed by ambition, and a lust for power,  little Robespierres, but alas  lacking ability to achieve anything positive,  in short, they were the  perfect tools for their Jewish masters in Munich.

After the assassination of Eisner on February 21, l919, a new government was elected with Johannes Hoffmann, SPD, as president. For a few weeks there was peace. On April 7,  l919 the Arbeiterrat of Munich declared Bavaria to be a Raetrepublik (soviet republic).The “ministers” who called themselves “Volksbeauftragte” were mostly Jewish. And what did our little Mering Robespierres have to say:


An die Gesamtbevoelkerung Merings und Umgebung

Die Entscheidung ist gefallen! Baiern ist Raeterepublik.

Die A. und B.-Raete haben die gesamte oeffentliche Gewalt uebernommen, kontrollieren die Verwaltung und sorgen fuer ruhige Weiterentwicklung.

Die Bevoelkerung wird aufgefordert, Ruhe zu bewahren, den Weisungen des A. und B. Rates unbedingt Folge zu leisten.

Das Revolutionsgericht wird jeden Anschlag gegen die Raeterepublik ruecksichtslos verfolgen.

Frauen und Maenner, seid einige und geschlossen und vertraut den Arbeiten des A. und B. Rates, der nur Euer Bestes will.

Es lebe das freie Baiern! Hoch die Raeterepublik! Hoch die Weltrevolution.

Arbeiter-und Bauernrat Mering



To all the people of Mering and surroundings.

The die is cast. Bavaria is a Raeterepublic (Soviet Republic)

The A. and B. councils have assumed the whole public executive, control the administration and work for peaceful further developments.

The population is asked to remain quiet and to obey unconditionally the instruction of the A. and B. council.

The revolutionary court will ruthlessly persecute every attack against the Raete-republik.

Women and men be united and trust the work of the A and B-council who only wants your best.

Long live free Bavaria! Hail to the Raete-Republik (Soviet Republic) Hail to the world revolution.

Worker and peasant council Mering

On April  13, l919 the Communist  (also called Spartakisten) took sole power. The leaders Levine, Toller, Levien Axelrod were all Jews.

The duly elected government under Hoffmann, SPD,  which had escaped to Bamberg mobilized all available troops. Help came from  the Free Corp troops from Prussia and Wuerttemberg. On April 19, l919 units from Wuerttemberg took up position at the train station of Mering.. Koenig one of the revolutinary triumvirs called for help to Augsburg which sent a truck with Spartakisten. But a delegation led by the ousted  mayor, Wohlgeschaffen, parleyed with the Spartakisten and they returned to Augsburg.

On May 1, l919 began the march on “red” Munich. The street fighting lasted until May 8, l919. The number of casualties in Munich amounted to 927 dead and numberless wounded. On the last day of  the Soviet rule nine men and one woman  held as hostages were shot by the Communists in the courtyard of the Munich Luitpold Gymnasium. The death toll in Augsburg was even higher. These Communist uprisings all under Jewish leadership happened  throughout Germany.

Back to Meringue. What happened to our three would be revolutionaries? Nothing! They simply faded again into the background from which they had come. I do not care to speculate how the people of Meringue would have fared under the reign of  these three tea pot Robespierres if the Raetrepublik had not been overthrown.

Let us remember that ultimately it was Adolf Hitler who put an end to the continuing threat of a Communist takeover of Germany.

My feelings about the people of  Mering, and that includes my grandfather, are mixed. They were peace loving, conciliatory and forgiving. In addition ex-mayor Wohlgeschaffen and his delegation showed courage facing a truck packed with Spartakisten. But why did the very same mayor and his aldermen simply step aside and make way for the bottom of  Mering society? Why did Gorbachev make way for Yeltsin who did not hesitate for one moment to have the whole Russian Duma killed using artillery, thereby making Russia safe for the plundering Jewish oligarchs.  Is there an abrogation of power, even power which has to be maintained by force, which is cowardly? I am still thinking about that.