Re: A Nightmare in History

Good Friday,  l999

Dear Members of the Board:

I request that the book "A Nightmare in History" by Miriam Chaikin  be eliminated from the Junior High School library. This book is written for young readers in order to indoctrinate them into hate for the Germans on one hand  and approval and love for Israel on the other.  Chaikin simply pieced this book together from atrocity tales told by eyewitnesses. Let me remind you of the five Jewish  eyewitnesses who testified  for the trial of John Demjanjuk in Israel in  l993.  I remember one of the witnesses saying after he had gone up to the box in  which Demjanjuk was sitting: "I see it in his eyes; he (John Demjanjuk) is the butcher of Treblinka."  Demjanjuk never was at Treblinka. I  have not  heard of any of these eyewitnesses being punished for their perjury.

The quotes the author uses are not referenced and therefore can not be looked up for verification.  I am somewhat familiar with the story of Rudolf Hoess, the commander of  Auschwitz.  On p. 87  Chaikin writes: "Hoess bragged at the trial  (Nuremberg war crimes trials) that in the time that he was in charge, Auschwitz gassed two and a half million people and  killed another half million by starvation and disease." Hoess at the time of the trial did not brag. He was a broken man. The Allies had seen to that. His confession is written in pencil, in English, a language Hoess did not understand. The death toll according to Hoess was three million. When the Pope went to Auschwitz  (June 7, l979) he blessed 4 million victims as stated on the stone tablets in front of International Monument to Victims of Fascism. In l990 the four million victim inscription was removed and replaced by 1.5 million. The 3 million victims of Auschwitz to which Hoess confessed therefore  must have  been a forced  confession.

Many of the pictures maligning the Germans are faked. I enclose three. 

Picture No. 1 is in the book in question (p30) "A Nightmare in History" (there is another faked picture on p. 70).  The children shown are not wholesome American children, but "Nazi" children. It is a montage, in other words a forgery, sloppily done. Simply try to match up the faces with the legs.

Picture No. 2 is taken from Goldhagen's book "Hitlers Willing Executioners" (p. 93). The atrocity tale of Germans cutting off beards of Jewish men is in Chaikin's book (p. 42). But  Goldhagen did Chaikin one better, he even provided a picture. Again the picture is a crude forgery. I enlarged it  in order to make it more obvious that  one can't cut anything with a gloved hand fisting a pair of scissors.

Picture No. 3  I copied  from the book "Forged War Crimes malign the German Nation" by Udo Walendy (Udo Walendy, in his late seventies, is imprisoned  right now in Germany. His crime? He doesn't believe in gas chambers). This picture is also in the book "Eyewitness Auschwitz" by Filip Muller. You can see from the enlargement  that the corpses are a drawing.

The main agenda of this holocaust book and most other holocaust books is revealed in the last chapter which deals with Israel. This last chapter is meant to indoctrinate our children, the next generation,  in the belief that there was no more righteous act than the founding of  the State of Israel and that they could do no better than to give this state their continued moral, political and financial support. If you leave this book in the Junior High School library you  contribute to hate for Germans and assist in the indoctrination of our children to willingly support the agenda of a foreign nation.