Re: Never to Forget

March 10, 1997

Dear Mr .M.:

I request that the book: "Never to Forget" by Milton Meltzer be eliminated from the M. Junior High School Library.  It is atrocity propaganda. I could take issue with almost every page, but will confine myself to just four.

Page 34: At night young men and women caroused in the tavern bawling out the party anthem, the Horst Wessel Lied: " ...When Jewish blood spurts from the knife, Then everything  will be fine! ...”

My comment: Ms. R. (author of the book: "Smoke and Ashes") in her letter to Mr. M. February 14,1997 admitted that these lines are not in the Horst Wessel song, the anthem of the Nazi party .Since she now claims that these lines are in the Kampflied des SA, she should be able to produce a copy. I also would like to know the name of the author, the publishing house, and the anthology in which this song appears.

I enclose a copy of the Horst Wessel Song and my translation. (see image 2, 3 & 4) Page 130: The record at Auschwitz was 34,000 people killed and destroyed in 24 hours, through continuous day and night shifts.

My comment: This is a logistical and technical impossibility. Page 178: It happened not long after the Nazi killers recorded the highest number of victims to be destroyed in one day: on July 24,1944, they gassed and burned 46,000 Jews at Auschwitz.

My comment: The varied holocaust books cite different figures as to the number of Jews having been gassed in one day at Auschwitz.  In "Never to Forget" the discrepancy is within the same book and amounts to 12,000 Jews.

The forensic examination of the stone samples taken from the alleged gas chambers of Auchswitz is conclusive. Nobody was gassed in these rooms. This forensic examination is contained in the Leuchter Report ( Marshfield Public Library).

Page 144: There facing their executioners, as the account goes, "they drank lechayim (to life) to each other, held hands and began to dance, and they were shot down as they danced. The Germans were so enraged by the scene, which they had failed to prevent, that they slit the Jews' bellies and trampled on them until the bowels came out. "

My comment: If you want our children to read and believe this, then shame on you! I am not impressed with the reasoning prowess of most people, but nevertheless we expect a certain amount of logic and reasoning from adults. Of the two, image and logic, it is the image which has the greater power to convince. But in the adult the logic should be there to check the image. A child has no such defences and is therefore extremely vulnerable to indoctrination done with images either pictorial or verbal. If you leave this book in the Junior High School Library you are guilty of indoctrinating our Marshfield children into hate.

I would like for you to start with the proceedings laid out in rule 871, Reconsideration of Educational Material Procedures.