Expel 9/25/99

September 25, 1999


Dear Mr. B.

This letter is in reply to your communication of September 10, 1999. I hope it fulfills the requirement of a brief.

The right to free speech is not an absolute. Anybody shouting fire in a crowded theater when there is none, can not use as his defense that he exercised his right to free speech, but will be convicted of manslaughter if a panic ensues resulting in death and injury. The creation and spreading of atrocity propaganda is analogous to shouting fire in a crowed theater in as far as the end result is the same, the loss of innocent lives. I enclose page 267 from General Patton’s book: “War As I Knew It.” Somebody on the American side had created and spread the following atrocity propaganda; namely that the German soldiers had murdered all the members of the hospital and raped all the nurses. None of it was true. Let me quote: “In all some eight hundred (German) prisoners were taken and probably five hundred killed, as the (American) soldiers were still under the impression that atrocities had been committed.” The creator of that atrocity tale not only caused the death of about 500 hundred German prisoners of war, but deprived wives of husbands, children of fathers, and left many a maiden a lifelong spinster. Now to my own experience. May 4, 1995 I attended a talk given by “Holocaust” survivor, W.P. at the University Center of M. When I challenged Mr. P. by pointing out that one could not incinerate corpses in ditches with discarded Christmas trees he got very angry, and told the mostly young audience that I should be hanged, or commit suicide with the rest of the Germans. About a fourth of the students clapped in approval. (The episode is on video tape). I have received death threats in the past, and while I was still teaching my job was threatened.  Nothing however bothered me as much as the hate of these students for whom the challenge of an absurd story was a hanging offense. This question never leaves me: The students clapped when W.P. said I should bc hangcd; how far away are thcy from clapping at a real hanging?

Now to Professor K., the Holocaust summer course of 1999, and my ouster from it. The moment Professor K. came to the M. University Campus he started to proselytize the Holocaust “religion “ even after its major doctrine, the gas chambers, had been discredited. At the end of the second World War, I was just a child of ten. But I remember too well how almost daily we were hammered with the lie that we, bad Germans, had gassed hundreds of thousands 0f Jews in the gas chambers of Dachau, Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald, camps within Germany proper. In the sixties this lie was allowed to fade away and a new version blended in, namely that the extermination camps (camps with gas chambers) had only been in the East, which after 1945 was separated from the West by the “Iron Curtain”. Especially Auschwitz gained a pivotal role. In the late eighties, early nineties the following reports were published: The Leuchter Report, The Ball Report, The Rudolph Report, The Lueftl Report, all concluding that the rooms at Auschwitz listed as gas chambers could not have been used to gas people, but were what they are named in the architectural plans, morgues, subsequently also used as air raid shelters.

Now to the Holocaust course taught by Professor K.  During the first class Professor K. showed the French made video “Night and Fog”. It is pure atrocity propaganda, put together with the intent to deceive and arouse hate. It begins with a fraudulent title, contains at least three frames taken from faked pictures ( I enclose one) and ends with the absurd Jews into soap story. The abbreviation n.n. <nomen nescio) is like most abbreviations taken from Latin and is not the abbreviation of “Nacht und Nebel” in English “Night and Fog” the title of the video. The lie that fat from gassed Jews was made into soap has been dropped. But Professor K. did not want to give up on it completely. In his syllabus, p. 3 he wrote: “ Resnais was wrong to present the manufacture of soap from human remains as a wide spread practice among the concentration camps. ..”According to Professor K. it might not have been a wide spread practice, but it was a practice nevertheless. One frame showed a gas chamber with gleaming shower heads which were supposed to have been used to dispense the lethal gas. I was insistent in my questioning: “In which camp is the gas chamber with the shower heads?” This questioning was called disrupting to the class. The gas chamber could not have been at Auschwitz. There, depending on what book you read, Zyclon B was supposed to have been introduced through a hollow pillar, or dropped from openings in the roof. There were shower heads in the Brausebad (shower room) at Dachau. This shower room was pointed out to the American GIs as a gas chamber. But as I already mentioned, the lie that there were gas chambers in camps within Germany proper, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald has been dropped. Professor K. in his Holocaust course not only disseminated atrocity propaganda, he also falsified history by leaving out pertinent facts. April 13, 1919 three Jews, Eugen Levine, Ernst Toller and Max Levien, usurped dictatorial powers in Bavaria and declared the State of Bavaria to be a Soviet Republic (Raete Republik). This Republic was quickly overthrown but the bloodletting in the streets of Munich and Augsburg was horrendous. The street battles in other German cities, especially Berlin, between the Jewish led Communists and loyal government troops were equally bloody .It was only the victory of the National Socialists (Nazis) which finally exorcised the thread of a Communistic Germany. If German had fallen to International Communism I doubt if the rest of Europe could have been held. Adolf Hitler and his Party came to power (legally) January 30, 1933. On March 24,1933 The Daily Express (London) carried this headline: “Judea Declares War On Germany -Jews Of All The World Unite In Action.” (I include the  page.) The article carried the usual atrocity propaganda. When the American government gave the order to intern the Japanese (some Germans were also interned) the motives were fear of a fifth column within the United States. It was the same fear which prompted the Nazi government to intern the Jews, and not as was claimed by Professor K. an irrational racism. In the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle (September 13, 1996) Professor K. likens me to Typhoid Mary; “She’s spreading a disease we thought was vanquished.” I am not a disease spreader. It is Professor K. who shouts fire, fire. I was ousted from that Holocaust course becausc I wanted to know, where is the fire, in what “gas chambcr” were  those shower heads?  I was ousted because Professor K. did not want to be questioned, nor challenged on his version of “history”.  My request of a review regarding my ouster from Professor K.’s 1999 summer course: History 258 The Holocaust: The Politics of Race, Nationalism and War should be granted according to the Regents Bylaws, Chapter 3, Section 7:  (a}  The case involves substantial constitutional claims. (b) The decision made at the institutional level could have systemwide implications.


February 25, 2000

Dear Mr. B., Regent:

When you opted for a closed session versus an open meeting ( October 27, 1999) to decide my case versus Professor K. and the University you did not act illegally, or imnmora11y, just cowardly .

In my letter of November I, 1999 I wrote the following: “No, I will not sue. The University has all the resources, thanks in part to my tax Dollar. I have nothing. Why then add insult to injury by adding in your letter of November 9, 1999 that I could file a petition for review in the appropriate circuit court. Was that just bureaucratic insensitivity or did you want to twist the knife?

You, the Regents, are supposed to be the guardians of the University, and the University is supposed to be the guardian of logic and reason. Macbeth only murdered sleep. But you, by siding with professor K. and his atrocity propaganda, murdered reason.

Some years ago I read the protocol of a witches trial. Not many men suffered the fate of being burned alive for that monstrous belief in witches. But in this case it was a man who was accused. What disturbed me greatly was not the outcome of the trial - that the man would be burned, that was a foregone conclusion -it was the pretense of justice. One of the most difficult things to be borne in life is to cope with unfairness and injustice. It grates. But I will not be burned at the stake. I will cope for I take my bearing from that witches trial and the fate of that unfortunate man.