ACLU of Wisconsin, 02/15/2003

ACLU of Wisconsin

                                                                             February 15, 2003


Dear Mr. A:


I am commenting on the information which I  found in the MNH “Recent  deportation focus of documentary (February 13, 2003).”

Here are my thoughts on racial profiling. On one hand racial profiling is unlawful, on the other hand it is demanded. This is schizophrenic. Racial profiling is outlawed where it is  needed, namely for police work. The race of a person is an identifying mark. If  I,  as police detective, know the race of a murderer it automatically narrows my field of investigation.

Many American universities, among them the University of Michigan, demand racial profiling. The policy for admission at the  University of Michigan is: SAT = 5 points; being a member of a minority = 20 points. These 20 points are based on racial profiling and are unfair to the American majority.

When police officer Z.  asked the six people inside the home if they were illegal aliens he acted on a justified  suspicion that an illegality had been committed. I expect police officers in M. to act in a likewise manner and not look the other way.

Mr. A., let me quote you: ”Employers (of illegal aliens) don’t want to be identified because they fear repercussions.” My comment. These employers should fear repercussions. They are breaking the law, and breaking the law should have repercussions.

“…they (illegal aliens) are hardworking people and are contributing.” Mr. A., are you implying that the people of Central Wisconsin are not hard working?  Since these workers have no legal standing they are at  the mercy of their employers therefore they better be very hard working and  better not complain. If these undocumented workers are contributing as you, Mr. A., maintain then only to the wealth of their employers. Who pays for these illegal aliens if they get sick? Do their employers pay health care premiums, do they deduct social security, do they withhold income tax? If the answer is no then the employers of these undocumented workers exploit the community.

State Rep. P.C., D-Milwaukee, is investigating the case. May I  ask why? These illegal aliens are not his constituents. They are citizens of Mexico and therefore should be represented by the Mexican consulate. Is State Rep. P.C.  taking up the case of Ernst Zundel (, the legal German immigrant to the US? If not then State Rep. P.C. indulges in racial profiling.        

I  hope I speak for  many Wisconsin citizens. No, Mr. A., we are not afraid of new comers. We also do not feel that these illegal aliens constitute a threat to our communities. What we are angry about is the dual justice system. We are made to obey the law. We have borders. These Mexicans crossed the border illegally and they were illegally employed   If  we allow the law to be disregarded in one field, this disregard eventually will effect all walks of life.

Let me make one more point. The majority of  people of Wisconsin are predominantly of German, Irish and Polish ancestry. We have submerged ourselves into the American melting pot. In retrospect  that was a mistake, because politically we have melted away.

Politicians take our vote for granted and woo the vote of identifiable groups, the Jews, the Hispanics,  and the Afro-Americans. A note of warning. If we, the legitimate constituency  do not change our politicians, our  politicians will exchange us.

I enclose the bitter tale of  Ernst Zundel as written by his wife Ingrid Rimland Zundel. There is no ACLU, no German-American entity coming to his aid.              

                                                                    Sincerely yours,