Letters to the Marshfield Board of Education

Good Friday,  l999
Dear Members of the Board:
I request that the book "A Nightmare in History" by Miriam Chaikin  be eliminated from the Junior High School library. This book is written for young readers in order to indoctrinate them into hate for the Germans on one hand  and approval and love for Israel on the other.  Chaikin simply pieced this book together from atrocity tales told by...

March 10, 1997
Dear Mr .M.:
I request that the book: "Never to Forget" by Milton Meltzer be eliminated from the M. Junior High School Library.  It is atrocity propaganda. I could take issue with almost every page, but will confine myself to just four.
Page 34: At night young men and women caroused in the tavern bawling out the party anthem, the Horst Wessel Lied: " ...When Jewish blood spurts...